We are proposing to put a 5-home subdivision on our property.  We would like to know if you are interested in purchasing a lot (if we can get Dodge County to approve the subdivision).

A Great Place to Live… Or Invest In…

all started in 1964 when Edward and Audrey purchased 38 wooded acres from Audrey’s aunt and uncle to settle down and raise a family. Edward was working at IBM as a manufacturing engineer and Audrey was employed at IBM, in the personnel department.

The property was very convenient – close to family, and located on the “back way” to IBM/Rochester from the Mantorville area. Edward liked the property because it offered him privacy and a place to tinker. Audrey enjoyed the wildlife and country living.

In 1967 their first son, Eric, was born. Then, in 1971, their second son, Jay was born. The brothers spent their summers exploring the woods (limited television channels spurred adventure).

As time passed, the boys embarked on their own lives and careers, but still came back to visit their parents and explore the woods. Many things changed over the years, but the woods has remained special place.

Edward and Audrey have passed and the family home site was sold. The boys have retained ownership of the woods and are proposing a limited subdivision on the property for other families to enjoy and raise their family – surrounded by nature.

This is a VERY desirable location… Located just 10 minutes from Rochester, in the Byron School District, serviced by a paved road. A lot on the property would be an excellent investment.

The increased property tax revenue from this development will help fund initiatives that protect and promote the public health, safety, general welfare and morals of the citizens of Dodge County.

What Are We Trying To Do?

Dodge County currently has VERY restrictive zoning laws. We need to convince the county there is a demand for land like ours to be developed. We need your help in proving this to the county.

Our goal is to create a subdivision comprised of five, 3+ acre lots. The property would feature a 13-acre wooded outlot for property owners to explore. Due to the location of the property, and its topography, this would be the best use of our land.

How Can You Help?

If you (or a friend) are looking for property to build on (or invest in) that is close to Rochester, please fill out the survey. This allows us to gather names of people who are interested in wooded property around this area.

The list of interested parties will be shown to the county to press for a change in the use of our land. Plus, if the subdivision is allowed, you will be on the ground floor to purchase a lot!


Private road maintained by an HOA.


Property is located in the Byron School District.


No upgrades needed to Dodge County Road 16.


NO farmland will be lost. Minimal disruption to neighbors.

0.00 ACRES